Omega VRT350HD

Omega VRT350HD ( Now Omega VRT350S ) is one of the masterpieces from Omega Juicer. This juicer is the revolutionary product that has a lot of features and supports the high efficiency of masticating juicer. The unique thing about this juicer is the vertical design of masticating juicer. Unlike other Omega juicers, this Omega VRT350 is different. The concept of this juicer is all in one design that brings the high productivity, contemporary, and compact design. Automatically, it will save the space you spent in your elegant kitchen for this one.

I have researched about this Omega VRT350 to a lot of trusted websites. At the first time I researched it, I’m a little confused but now I have enough knowledge about it and I will also share it with you about this Omega VRT350HD.

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As you know, Omega tends to produces high quality juicers. That’s why a lot of people opt to purchase the juicer from Omega than other brands. Nowadays, Omega Vert HD VRT350 Juicer is considered as the most worth juicer to buy due to its capabilities and efficiency. The juicer works on low speed rotation of 80 RPMs. By working on lower speed, you will get the benefit of the juicer because the juicer will contain the live enzymes inside it. Actually, that makes the fruits and vegetables are great for the health. It is because the low rotation speed not produces the heat that will burn the live enzymes. That’s one of the benefits using Omega VRT350HD.

Omega VRT350HD Juicer – What Other Benefits Of This Omega VRT350?

Actually, the juicing process is to turn the fruits and vegetables into a liquid form of beverages without losing the benefit substances inside it. If you use the high rotation speed motor of juicer, the risk of burning those benefit substances are high. It is different when you use the low speed rotation like this juicer. You will get the nutrition and also fresh drink in a same time.

Omega Vert HD VRT350 Juicer is designed for people who are conscious about their health and want to try the different juices every day for their meals. Omega VRT350HD is designed to be able to extract a lot of things from leafy greens, wheat grass, vegetables, and fruits for the needs of those people.

Omega VRT350HD Juicer – After I Purchase It, Then What?

If you have decided to buy Omega VRT350HD, you will need to take care of your new health investment. By taking care of your new investment, it will be longer lasting. First of all, when you get it out of the box, you have to give it a quick wash and dry it so the factory dust will not be on your juicer anymore. After washing it, I’m sure the juicer will be better than before you wash it.

After washing it, don’t forget to register your juicer online for the warranty so your juicer is protected by the 10-year warranty. After that, register the serial and the model number that is marked on the bottom of the juicer! After that, you are ready to use it, but I RECOMMEND YOU to read the manual before using it so you will operate it properly and if you use it properly, you will make the lifetime of the juicer become longer.

Omega VRT350HD Juicer Features

  • Compact base,
  • It has auto cleaning system,
  • The juicer is able to juice wheatgrass at high yield,
  • There is a fine and coarse juicing screens for pulp control,
  • Works on low speed rotation, so it will not produce heat,
  • Give you more nutrition because the live enzymes are not burned by the heat produced by the juicer.

Omega VRT350HD Juicer Review

If you have tried to find out what people said about this juicer, I believe you know that Omega VRT350 is loved by most customers. I also have ever to find the reviews about this juicer to all over the websites, and there are positive feedbacks and of course there are negative feedbacks for the manufacturer to make the next product better.

In a big online store,, I found that this Omega Vert HD VRT350 Juicer has average 4.1 out of 5 stars review. Without explaining it, I’m sure you know that majority of reviewer are happy to buy this juicer. There are about 77% buyers are satisfied on this juicer because of its benefits that I have explained above.

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